Thunder Falls Family Waterpark
Body Slides
Body Slides
Thunder Falls offers hundreds of feet of individual body slides. Each include several compound spiraling tight 360 degree twists, turns and high bank curves, that will lead you through to one ultimate splash down.
Back Lash, Melt Down and Green Goblin
are waiting for you!
Be prepared! Backlash is a 219' long enclosed body slide, that whips you back and forth, lashing through high banking turns and 360 degree loops; in total darkness! Recovery is Guaranteed.

This Extreme body slide will slip and slide you into a total Melt Down. With tight high banking curves and 180 degree to 360 degree twisting loops, while in a totally comfortable state of mind.

This monstrous body slide is a hurling 222' long with several 180 degree to 360 degree loops, twists and high banking curves. Do you dare to slay the Green Goblin beast.