Thunder Falls Family Waterpark
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Thunder Falls features three extreme continuous river rapids to thrill you to th e bone...

Hot Shot, Cliff Hanger and Thunder Bolt!
These Rivers begin 5 stories above the earth and blasts just you or you and your friend several hundreds of feet through a wild and uniquely different rapid run .
This totally enclosed radical giant rapid makes the Hot Shot, loaded with hot thrills plunge down over 416' of falls, spiraling twists and 360 degree high bank curves. The Hot Shot will keep you wondering "What's Next"?

One of our most exciting giant rapid runs. Dropping you down over 425' of open to the sky, raging rapids. The Cliff Hanger has several drops, tight curves and 360 degree high bank turns, that will keep you on the edge.

Descend over 321' of electrifying back to back curves of 360 degree high bank turns and sudden drops. The Thunder Bolt is one action packed high speed raging rapid, going from daylight to darkness, up and down and all around faster than a Thunder Bolt.